Friday, 9 August 2013

far away... in Brazil.

sorry for not writing a line for so long…

I was on vacations. Far away. (I didn’t enter even Facebook or any other social network then).
Vacations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… Time to rest. To think. To recollect.
We went there for WYD (JMJ) as pilgrims. And stayed there for a week more.                                                           
Nice time of thinking, recollecting. About me, my family and parents.
Totally we were in Rio for more than two weeks.

I miss all of you, my friends. I even want to come back. But this time with my husband (hope next time we will be together)
I have a lot of photos and video, but now I’m a bit depressed because I should come back to my real life (with all the problems to solve that I had dug).
Change of time zones has its impact, and now I’m broken.

I met new people. God sent me friends. We saw different parts of Rio de Janeiro: poor and very rich ones. Were near favelas, stayed near and slept on Capacabana beach…We were at the big service with Pope Francis. We attended many places.

OK, take it as ads, I’ll take a nap and will continue my story telling. Take care. 

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