Sunday, 21 April 2013

sunny Sunday

it was a nice day!
at first we had a walk in Mariinsky Park with Olya and Serbun.
    Olya and me)

     we near the frog

    Serbun did not want to be photographed. So I can only show his last big picture for GREEN GRAY (see the ad above)

      than about Sergii and me: we were at the Party for Africa. saw old friend and met new ones. The party was orgarnized  to collect some money to buy some water filters for children and their families from Maputo, Mozambique, Africa. Our friends from Community of Sant'Egidio Lyusya and Olya know them personally. They met them during their travell to Africa last summer.
            photo by МZM / facebook

        i bought a batik like this, but smaller one and nice earrings made of black wood))

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