Sunday, 21 April 2013

sunny Sunday

it was a nice day!
at first we had a walk in Mariinsky Park with Olya and Serbun.
    Olya and me)

     we near the frog

    Serbun did not want to be photographed. So I can only show his last big picture for GREEN GRAY (see the ad above)

      than about Sergii and me: we were at the Party for Africa. saw old friend and met new ones. The party was orgarnized  to collect some money to buy some water filters for children and their families from Maputo, Mozambique, Africa. Our friends from Community of Sant'Egidio Lyusya and Olya know them personally. They met them during their travell to Africa last summer.
            photo by МZM / facebook

        Friday, 19 April 2013

        me. studing.

        i'm putting myself together, because i should write my degree thesis in finance and credit... should...

        but instead i'm now looking through some blogs and tumblers.
        one of my favourite tumblers is brown dress with white dots.

        90's spirit

        today i bought a nail polish with spangles and am remembering 90th. as we were wearing sneakers and sports jackets and skirts and it was kind of normal)).
        then it was considered bad taste). example)))

        and now that bad taste is back).
        but remembering 90th is cool!

        купила лак з блискітками і згадую 90-ті. як ми ходили в кросівках і спідницях і спортивних куртках і це було ніби як нормально)).
        потім це вважалося несмаком). приклад)))
        а зараз цей несмак повернувся).

        але згадувати 90-ті - прикольно!

        Wednesday, 17 April 2013

        pithon + neon

        Inspired by Proenza Schouler SS2013 collection, i bought this pithon print  TOP SECRET shirt.

        it is a first time i have something of animal print.
        but i like it match my neon accessories.

        Monday, 15 April 2013

        a portion of Italian every day

        after yesterday's conversation with a native italian. Actually one can hardly call it a conversion - some poor efforts. I understood that i should work twice more harder on my knoledge of Italian.
        i decided to set a target. to learn 5 new italian words every day.

        Sunday, 14 April 2013

        family Sunday dinner

        today we (Sergiy 'Sonio' and me) are home almost all the day.
        a day dedicated to the family.
        listening to some nice guitar music of Dispatch band.
        and cooking.
        preparing dinner.
        a not-in-a-hurry-and-all-together dinner.
        it took time to have understood that cooking together is like making something else together. i mean that it is great)))
        today we had a soup, pelmeni and an apple pie.
        i think (and not only me) that a family dinner should be an every Sunday tradition.

        homemade pelmeni

        Friday, 12 April 2013

        lost and found friend

        God is so great!
        He gave me the opportunity to find my friend.
        Lost friend.
        i hadn't seen and heard from her for almost a year.
        she had gone to Sweden.
        i thought she had taken offence and i would never see her again. My best school friend helping me to learn English, supporting me in the university.

        but today...  today i found her on facebook!!!
        i'm so happy!!!!

        me-a fashion addict)))

        Friday, 5 April 2013

        gray colours and me

        this photo is like the comic situation when my friend said 'Yana, you need some colour, please take this neon paper folder))))'

        And now me again keeping some bright notebooks but wearing all gray))
        But I like gray colour and other 'Scandinavian' ones. 

        i like to surround myself with these calm colours)