Sunday, 24 March 2013

winter in Kyiv

It is still snowing outside. The winter is back in Kyiv.
there were many traffic jams yesterday because of the weather.
thx God we got home quite soon.

my massage was cancelled for today.
i dropped in at the shopping mall next to my neighbourhood and bought these:



the weather: a car in our yard after the snowy night
the boots helped me survive)) (it's ecco)
in the evening my friends and me visited nice place in 3, Kostelna str., Kyiv
Très français
to have some coffee and deserved dessert))

Friday, 8 March 2013

dreams come true...

dreams come true...

i asked God to send me some good shirts and He gave me a lot.
because i found this nice sale))) by TOP SECRET

and yesterday i was presented by my beloved bosses:

I don't know how they know. maybe i'm thinking too loadly))...

by the way, i found a nice site where it is possile to talk, dream and remember about the parfumes):