Friday, 21 September 2012

pills, tea and films

still at home because of bad cold.
taking pills, having herbal tea, much. i don't know how many littres)))
and watching films... many.
among others there are the following: 

  • Intouchables (2011, France) (more)
  • Sweet November (2001, United States) (more)

i highly recommend to watch the two.
I am not going to tell the plot, but only to mention that
The first gives me hope that even if you are ill (handicapped) you can be happy. And should to.
And the latter gave me mind’s elation and understanding that live is not just earning money, work, but also love and inner calm. And it also strengthen my dream to visit San Francisco.

Tnx God for that time. If not to count the stupid high temperature it was nice opportunity to think, to dream.