Thursday, 27 September 2012

foreign languages

My dear readers, sorry that i haven't written a line for the past several days.
I'm just learning-learning-learning foreign languages.
French and German.
I used to learn them at the university and now decided to develop this "knowledge")).
For French I bought a course Tous va bien! and started from the very beginning.
i like it.
As for German i am reading now a book adapted according to the reading method of I.Frank. It is when each paragraph is given twice. At first with translation and then without. I bought this one: Irmgard Keun. Das M├Ądchen, mit dem die Kinder nicht verkehren durften.

By the way i also speak Ukrainian (native), Russian (because in Ukraine many people know it), Polish (my grandparents are polish living in western Ukraine), and of course English.

If you know nice books and sites for learning languages please send me links.
It is so cool to know foreign languages. it gives you the opportunity to take information from the internet, meet new people, read books in original etc))).

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