Saturday, 29 September 2012


Please meet Serbun  (real name is Sergiy).
He is an artist.
He is a painter.
And heroes creator.

Comics heroes creator.

And computer games heroes one.

You can see some of his works here .

A few days ago we celebrated his b'day.
Some pics (comicslike)))):

Thursday, 27 September 2012

foreign languages

My dear readers, sorry that i haven't written a line for the past several days.
I'm just learning-learning-learning foreign languages.
French and German.
I used to learn them at the university and now decided to develop this "knowledge")).
For French I bought a course Tous va bien! and started from the very beginning.
i like it.
As for German i am reading now a book adapted according to the reading method of I.Frank. It is when each paragraph is given twice. At first with translation and then without. I bought this one: Irmgard Keun. Das Mädchen, mit dem die Kinder nicht verkehren durften.

By the way i also speak Ukrainian (native), Russian (because in Ukraine many people know it), Polish (my grandparents are polish living in western Ukraine), and of course English.

If you know nice books and sites for learning languages please send me links.
It is so cool to know foreign languages. it gives you the opportunity to take information from the internet, meet new people, read books in original etc))).

Sunday, 23 September 2012

wise film

Oh God, how wise the film is!

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) 


I didn't even expect. The film should be added to every issue of any expensive fashion magazine.))

Don't make us buy fashionable stuff that we won't need in a year because it is out of fashion! It won't be able even to be given away to the homeless because they do not need it.

I think I should read something more of books of Sophie Kinsella, the author of Confessions of a Shopaholic, the book adapted into a film. Because I also sometimes have problems with shopping addiction to shopping.)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

perfect poetry

просто не можу не поділитися знахідкою на просторах нету. Це - українська поетеса Леона Вишневська.
я не люблю віршів, але це - білі вірші. верлібри. вони такі близькі до нашого часу і не скуті вимогами розміру.
не знаю як їх читати, тим хто не знає української. з словником чи в перекладачі? але вірші - просто ідеальні. я б була щаслива перекладати щось таке на інші мови.

а ще її вірші можна знайти тут:

вірш. читає авторка:

i just can't help sharing the thing i found surfing the net. this is an ukrainian poetess Leona Vyshnevska.
i do not like poetry, but these are blank verses. vers libres. they are so close to nowadays and are not constrained by the requirements of poem size.
i do not know how to read them for those who do not know Ukrainian. with dictionary or translator? but poetry are just perfect. i would be happy to translate something like this into other languages.

her poems also can be found here:

piece of poetry. recited by the author:

neon and silver necklace

inspired by the current trends of neon i decided to update an old neclace to make it fashionable). i just embroided it.
i don't have a thread of neon colour. so i used white one. and then painted it with a highlighter.

here you are:

Friday, 21 September 2012

pills, tea and films

still at home because of bad cold.
taking pills, having herbal tea, much. i don't know how many littres)))
and watching films... many.
among others there are the following: 

  • Intouchables (2011, France) (more)
  • Sweet November (2001, United States) (more)

i highly recommend to watch the two.
I am not going to tell the plot, but only to mention that
The first gives me hope that even if you are ill (handicapped) you can be happy. And should to.
And the latter gave me mind’s elation and understanding that live is not just earning money, work, but also love and inner calm. And it also strengthen my dream to visit San Francisco.

Tnx God for that time. If not to count the stupid high temperature it was nice opportunity to think, to dream.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

vintage scarf

yesterday I had sore throat and I wound a scarf round my neck. an old scarf that my grandmother gave me as a present. vintage)). the scarf met all the requirements of warmth and was with flowers.
to balance the whole look))) I added a few bracelets to my office dress code.

today i stayed at home , because really got cold. 
have a nice day!

вчора мене боліло горло і я замотала його хусткою. давньою хусткою, яку мені подарувала моя бабка. вінтаж)). хустка відповідала всім вимогам теплоти і була з квіточками.
щоб зрівноважити весь цей лук))) я додала кілька браслетів до мого офісного дрес коду.

сьогодні я дома, бо дійсно простудилась.
гарного дня!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

onion pie

my dear, i want to show off with my onion pie, which recently received a great success. from time to time i just baked it for various friends meetings and picnics, but recently my friend asked me if i could cooked some for the wedding stand-up party.
i baked three big pies.
at the wedding, i heard only rave reviews.))) maybe at the wedding there were no onion haters. or perhaps they discovered a new taste and flavour of onion which the French knows for a long time.)))
now i think it’s worth sharing a recipe.  
 recipe (small one - 6 servings)
4 tablespoons butter, plus more for greasing
3 tablespoon double cream
1 glass flour 
300g onion, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
3 eggs
2 tablespoon double cream
grated cheese Parmesan (Grana Padano). 
mix butter, double cream and flour, knead, roll out and put it into a greased shape. put the shape with the dough in the refrigerator to be there for 1 hour.
fry the sliced onion in olive oil, remove from fire when golden.
fill the form with the fried onion, spread it out evenly, pour beaten eggs with sour cream, salt and pepper there. sprinkle with grated cheese Parmesan (Grana Padano).

i do not cover the pie with the another layer of dough, i leave it only glazed
bake it in a preheated to 200 degrees C (400 degrees F) oven for 30-40 minutes.
serve cold!
bon appétit!

дорогі мої, хочу похвалитися вам своїм цибульовим пирогом, який недавно отримав великий успіх. час від часу я просто пекла його на різні зустрічі друзів і пікніки, а недавно подруга попросила, щоб я приготувала кілька на фуршет весілля.
я спекла три великих.
на весіллі я чула тільки схвальні відгуки.))) можливо на весіллі не було ненависників цибулі. а можливо вони відкрили її новий смак і запах, про який французи знають вже давно.)))
тепер думаю варто поділитися рецептом.
рецепт цибульового пирога (маленького  - 6 порцій)
для тіста:
4 ст. ложки масла, плюс для змащування форми
3 ст. ложки сметани
стакан муки
300г цибулі, тоненько нарізаної кільцями
1 ст. ложка оливкової олії
2 яйця.
2 ложки сметани
тертий сир Parmesan (Grana Padano). .

змішати масло, сметану і муку, вимісити, розкачати і викласти в форму, попередньо змащену маслом. Покласти форму з тістом в холодильник  на 1 годину.
підсмажити нарізану цибулю до золотистого кольору, на оливковій олії. 
наповнити форму з тістом тушкованою цибулею, розгладити її гладенько, зверху залити збитими яйцями з сметаною, сіллю і перцем. Посипати потертим сиром Parmesan (Grana Padano). 
 я не накриваю пиріг ще одним шаром тіста, а залишаю тільки з заливкою 
випікаємо в попередньо нагрітій до 200С духовці, протягом 30-40 хв. 
подавайте холодним!

a small onion pie

Thursday, 13 September 2012


sometimes i feel so tired that i cannot speak. especially after work. but it is not because my work is hard for me. i love my job. administrative activities. it's like speaking, arranging, inventing smth. it's like going around, calling everybody around.  it is like the quarrel from the Ice Age.) a real symbol for the administrative work))). But i really like it. and now i'm also involved into some marketing and PR projects i have been dreaming about.
the matter is that i give all my energy away, like a bomb and then i have no power to make even a step. 
i know that i should divide my work, make breaks, to be like many small bombs.
it is difficult to be polite and sweet especially when somebody calls you when you are like a low battery needing recharging. i wish nobody see (and hear) me at the moment.
Having got home i go straightly to the bathroom to get some rest and energy from water. i love water. "Get your body in the ocean", said Anthony Kiedis (RHCP) when asked how he stays fresh. Yehh. Fresh. After shower I feel fresh and full of energy and can be a sweet and loving wife.

and of course every person (even public figures and they especially) need some time to be alone. To think, to meditate, to pray, to write...  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hi there!
I decided to write a blog. Іn English and in my native tongue Ukrainian. I left my previous blog (actually two)) and starts from the very beginning. So now I'm back in line to meet new people and discover new blogs.

Of course welcome to my previous blogs: and   It is the history and I'm not going to delete them.

Always open to your comments (and criticism))),
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

Я вирішила писати один блог.  Англійською і моєю рідною мовою українською. Я залишила мій попередній блог (насправді два)) і починаю з самого початку. Одже, знову очікую познайомитись з новими людьми і відкрити нові блоги.

Звичайно, запрошую на мої попередні блоги: and     Це - історія. І я не збираюсь їх видаляти.

Завжди відкрита до ваших коментарів (та критики),

(Київ, Україна)